[Video - Official - Visual Set] Luca Sigurtà Live Tour

In a few day will debut the new Luca Sigurtà a/v show with my visuals.
First gig will be at MAGMA | San Michele Off festival. Here some words about (ita only):


[Installation - Official - Art] Eye Think for Campo Elettrico

Take a look at my work Eye Think installed as stage design for Campo Elettrico electronic night at HYDRO. Pics by Annalisa Zegna


[Video - Official- Visual Set] Jazz Re:Found Festival 2016

Un video pubblicato da @aaron_inker in data:

Last week I made visual set at Jazz Re:Found Festival in Turin, for artist like Grandmaster Flash, Underground Resistance, Gilles Peterson, Joe Claussell, among many -great- others. It was real fun.


[Video - Official - Videoclip] Honey Ant Dreaming by Luminance Ratio

New Video out! I edited this found footage for the new track "Honey Ant Dreaming" by the electro-acoustic quartet Luminance Ratio.
It is quite a nice trip, so sit back and enjoy!


[Art - Official - Art Book] Irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi

in collaboration with Annalisa Zegna

wear earplugs
tune into the heartbeat
listen to the stomach
feel the body

Irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi (unresolved: scores for free bodies) originates from proposals from "other" experimental musical notations of the twentieth century. Sound poetry and concrete music have investigated the possibility of providing instructions that were somehow less constrained in the formal notation, and more open to chance, to the inspiration of the moment, to the search for synesthesia between different expressive practices.
Based on these insights, Irrisolto suggests that the audience - who also become the interpreter - isolate themselves from the everyday environment to immerse into the rhythm of their own lives, creating performances that can somehow establish new connections with the body and with the environment that the body lives and exist in. The instructions are simple; wear earplugs, so you feel less "outside" and hear more "inside", use your body, your heartbeat for rhythm, and freely create a performance in any way you can imagine, that responds to the emotional and compositional instructions arbitrated by the visual scores.
These performances, as well as establishing the relationships that Irrisolto is aiming for, acquire value as independent, autonomous performance pieces, provided they are performed in front of an audience. They are therefore unresolved because they continue to create resonance for individuals who are disposed to perform and hear/see, bodies that remain free to find their own form of expression.

part of artists' book
curated by Rachele D'Osualdo and Patrizio Peterlini,
special edition of Fondazione Bonotto and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa


[Art - Official - Art Book] Irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi presentation

"irrisolto: partiture per corpi liberi" is a work I made with italian artist Annalisa Zegna for a collective project presented as a textile book.
The book, titled Roll up - an edition by Fondazione Bonotto and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa- will be presented in Venice, march 22 and Milan, april 8.


[Video - Official - Short Film] a glitch in my head

I recently directed a couple of videoclip for Fermat's last theorem's ep "compromised" (that you can see here).
From the same material, I also edited a short film version.
Ladies and gentleman...